Taking a leading role for the renaissance of Korean museums

The Korean Museum Association (KMA), which has the entire number of museums in Korea as its members, was established in 1976 in order to contribute to the cultural growth of Korea by promoting wholesome activities of museums and to the maintenance of the organic collaborative networks among museums and the institutional protection and support for museums.
Since its establishment, KMA has carried out various projects for the wholesome development of museums and has taken the initiative in the growth of museums in Korea through diverse endeavors: Exchange of materials and collaboration among domestic and overseas museums; Holding of symposiums and publication of academic journals and bulletins; Providing support for domestic and overseas special exhibition; Offering educational and training programs for museum professionals; undertaking various other tasks for the accomplishment of KMA's missions.
These sincere efforts of KMA can be demonstrated by a variety of activities as follows: 'Korean Museum Day' and 'New Year's Meeting' are held to help museum people to pride themselves on being museum professionals and to inspire fellowship among them; museum people reexamine their activities through 'Pride of Museum Professional Prize' and 'Korean Museum Association Conference'; publication of academic journals and guidebooks; providing support for academic activities; international collaborative projects between museums in different countries; carrying out diverse government-sponsored activities; performing various projects supported and sponsored by other organizations; operating museum membership programs.
Heritage of Korea and the world, as the spokesman for all museums in Korea, as the mediator between human cultural heritage and the Korean public and as the partner in government policies while building an organic relationship with not only its own committees such as Policy Development Committee, Academic Committee, Ethics Committee, Scientific Technology Committee, Development Committee, International Relations Committee and Public Relations Committee but other private and university museums and various local partners.
"1,000 museums in the 100th year of the history of Korean museums." This aim helps one to foresee bright future for museums in Korea. KMA will take a leading role in realizing the "renaissance of museums" in Korea. I humbly ask for your support and encouragement.